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Thanks for visiting. My most recent public project is the Esgazette album, Instrumental, which is surprisingly composed of instrumentals. To hear or find out more visit the Esgazette music site.


A Little Bit About This

This site began in 1997, constructed as a portfolio for the art and music projects of Will Datson. The title was invented a long time ago as a little joke attached to handmade books and it never went away. The Underwater Press is based in Scotland on the isles of Britain.


Other Managed Sites

Compact Chronicles is the intermittent Underwater Press blog. Don't expect current affairs or relevant commentary.


The Esgazette website - This is the site of the very persistent band and music project Esgazette.


FernFelix is the managed site that presents artwork and projects by other artists. Not always active but there nonetheless.


About Your Host

Here is a short profile of Will Datson. More info...






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