Éva Memmory 

Éva Memmory is a project developed by Will Datson and Rosey Priestman. Éva is an invented artist inspired by the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) among others. Over his lifetime Pessoa wrote using 70 or more heteronyms, distinct creative characters or guises.

Éva has her own character, separate from the artists who create her work. The number of people involved does not change her personality or really the kind of artwork she produces. For the creators of Éva’s art it was not necessary to strictly define her style or taste, it was simply ‘very Eva’. As Éva has no need to be successful, please anyone or have a career path she is artistically free. 

Her work so far has included a number of paintings, drawings and constructions that were shown in a solo exhibition on Orkney in 2009. A short video called Five Senses followed later and was made with help from Brendan Colvert and Peter Maben. Brendan was also involved with Éva’s set design for the cover of Esgazette’s album Future Antique. 

Her artwork was promoted in the Fernfelix online sale in 2011 and she briefly took to Twitter to advertise broken household objects but she is mostly a private person.

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