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Thassos, Greece. Pencil and gouache

Dungeness Fishing Boat. 1992

Head Scattered About. Dissociation Series. Giclee Print

Array Series: Eddy. Print on Metal

Surfers. Digital Print

Ray’s Head. Array Series. Giclee Print

How Does the Moon Stick Up in the Sky? Monoprint on book page. 1996

France. Pencil and gouache. 1993

Still Life. Pencil and gouache. 1994

Summertime Ends. Digital Print. 2008

Aberystwyth Seafront. Pencil and gouache. 1992

Derek Jarman’s Cottage. Pencil and gouache. 1992

Terrible Dread of Night. Dissociation Series. Giclee Print

Still Life: Olive Pot. Deià, Mallorca. 1994

Borth Beach, Wales. 1992

Twenties. Array Series. Giclee Print. 2010

Thassos, Greece. 2004

Still Life: Black and White Pot. Pencil and gouache.

Graf Series. Digital print. 2014

The Idea of an Eyebrow. Array Series. Giclee Print

Cafe Society. Digital Print. 2010.

Array Series: Infranasal Depression. Giclee print. 2011

Sensation of Growing Larger in Every Direction. Dissociation Series. Giclee Print.

Gascony House. Digital Print

Wall of Faces. Oil on paper.

As If Breath Would Leave Her. Dissociation Series. Giclee Print

Paintings, digital artwork and prints by Will Datson.

This is a compiled slideshow that includes examples of various artworks produced from the early 1990s to the present.

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